Each tasting room menu changes to incorporate available Colorado-made spirits and wine. Below is an example of what beverages you'll find inside of BOOZ hall RiNo. 


Spicy Pueblo Chile Martini
Organic Chile White Whiskey, Organic Chile Liqueur, Colorado Hacienda Maiz Mira Sol Jelly and lime

The Western Slope
Organic Colorado Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, Colorado Peach Brandy, Orange twist

Barrel Aged Dirty Old Man
Organic Oaked Gin, House made brandied cherry liqueur, orange twist

Lavender Lemonade
Organic Vodka, Organic Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, Organic Lemonade

Chile Lemonade
Organic Colorado Chile White Whiskey, Organic Colorado Chile Liqueur, Organic Lemonade

Boozy Ice Pops
House-made Ice Pops, Flavors Vary

Jack rabbit hill farm

$2 Off Happy Hour - Daily 4-6PM.

New Avalon Grower Ciders
(Glass / Bottle)

Pale Organic Cider
($8 / $12)

Fortunate Organic Perry
($8 / $12)

Filigreen Biodynamic Cider
($9 - $14)

Jack Rabbit Hill Farm Wines
(Glass / Bottle)

Le Fey Biodynamic Rose
($8 / $24)

Mitzi’s Biodynamic Riesling
($9 / $19)

Upper West Side Biodynamic Chardonnay
($12 / $24)

Biodynamic Pinot Noir
($12 / $29)

M&N Biodynamic Meunier/Pinot Noir Blend
($12 / $29)

Bottle Only

Round Tower Biodynamic Malbec/Merlot/Petit Verdot  

3 Hundred days of shine

Apple Pie, Peach Cobbler, Margarita Moon, Rocky Mountain Sweet Tea, Colorado Harvest Honey, Firebomb, Sugar Moon, Centennial Bourbon Barrel Finished, Centennial (Black) Rye Barrel Finished

All 10 flavors will be available in:

Single 1.5 oz pour

Double 3 oz pour

Moonshine BUCK. Pick a flavor and BUCK IT
(Any flavor in a bottle or jar with ginger beer)

state 38 distilling

Seven Ingredient Craft Margarita

Stormy Daniels Cocktail made with Impeach Vodka

Old Fashioned with True Colorado Bourbon

Creamy Root Beer Reposado Cocktail

Wood's High Mountain

(Single / Pitcher)

Wood’s G&T
A classic drink with distinctive gin. Your choice of our London Dry Treeline Gin, or our New-Western Mountain Hopped Gin
8 / 20

Pineapple Piracy and Tonic
Pineapple infused Treeline gin, lime, lavender and vanilla bitters, elderflower tonic
10 / 25

Grand Canyon
Jalapeño infused Treeline Gin, Lime, pink himalayan salt

Vesper Lynd
Hopped Gin, Treeline Gin, Taylor’s white grape fennel liqueur, lemon twist

London Mule
Barrel Rested Gin, ginger beer, lime
(8 / 20)

Barrel Aged Old Fashioned
Barrel Rested Gin, orange and house bitters, agave

Fuzzy Little Mang Peach
Treeline Gin, earl grey tea, grapefruit, hopped grapefruit and lemon bitters, elderflower tonic

The OZmazing
Treeline Gin, lime, sugar plum pea flower tea

Carafes...............20 (3.5 cocktails)
London Mule or Wood’s G&T